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The Geiser: New and Improved

Any college student will complain about the food on campus because, well, they can. Whether it be they’re bored with similar meals day after day or can’t find anything that particular afternoon, students always find something to complain or whine about to their peers. This is something you hear not only at Keuka College, but at any other college you step foot into.

Over the winter months, Keuka College has been working diligently to find new and exciting meal ideas for the year.  Angela Brooks, manager, is pleased with how the new ideas and experiments have been turning out and on top of that – so have the students.

Below is a short question and answer session with Angela Brooks, discussing the new and improved atmosphere, meal choices and ideas surrounding The Geiser:
1) What inspired you and your staff to change things up? We wanted to offer the students and faculty new culinary ideas, showcase food trends, and to experiment with new recipes to add to upcoming menus.

2) Why “New Inspirations”?  When Chef Steve and I talked about how we cook, we kept talking about the different things that inspire our food and cooking philosophies.  We knew that the new platform was going to be inspiration based, and realized “New Inspirations” would convey all of our thoughts, feelings and goals.

3) What are some of your favorite changes and why?  I LOVE the new wall color in the servery, it was time for a change.  Another change I am really happy with is the new cooking area we added in the servery.  I think it nice to see your food cooked right in front of you.

4) Are there any plans for new changes to come? YES!  We are planning more events and special stations like the International Coffee bar in March and the Candy Station in April and Chef Steve and friends will be going head to head for our Battle of the Chefs during dinner on March 22nd , just to name a few. 

5) Is there a personal favorite dish you have?  We have not had it yet, but I can’t wait for our Dr. Seuss’ Birthday lunch special on March 2nd of Green Eggs and Ham!  (What else would we serve?!)

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