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Special Events

“One walk… because one life is too many to lose!”
National Suicide Prevention Week 2011: Alive!

Archived 2010-2011 Special Events

September 6-12, 2010 was National Suicide Prevention Week. The CSL partnered along with Counseling Services to raise awareness during the week. Events included:

“Yellow Ribbon” Day. (Students, staff and faculty found our table on the way to eat lunch and dinner to pick up a yellow ribbon, and to sign our large yellow ribbon to show campus awareness.)

“Movie Day.” (At 2:30 & 7:30 in the Brezinsky Rm, we showed a movie called, “The Truth.” “The Truth” is a documentary created by college students, for college students, speaking about the issue of suicide.)

“One Walk Day.” “One Walk: We walk, because one life is too many to lose.” The all night, 5K (3.1 miles) walk began at 10 pm (after the men’s soccer game) at the pavilion in the sports complex and ended at sunrise, September 11th with a 7 am vigil service, at Point Neamo. Ten walkers, in spite of being cold and tired from walking throughout the dark of night, made it to the vigil service in the morning. The money that we raised was sent to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Justin Fatica. Speaker Series.
Love. Care. Respect. Self. Others.

Justin Fatica came to campus on October 17-20, 2010. Justin is a national speaker, author and life coach who impacts thousands of teenagers and young adults every year. He came to campus to speak about self hurt issues, and focused on love, care and respect for self and others.