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Campus Life

Rules, Regs & Rights

Check the 2015-2016 Student Handbook to learn the College's rules and regulations and your rights as a student.

Roommate Information

A roommate can become a new friend, a study buddy, or just an acquaintance. To get a roommate, fill out your housing questionnaire. If you have someone already in mind, just list each other on the bottom of your forms and return them to our office. If you’re a current student, just go with that person to housing selection in the spring semester.

We understand that sometimes personality conflicts occur, and when they do, you have options: talk with your roommate and see if an agreement can be reached. Your resident assistant (RA) or residence director (RD) can offer suggestions about to how to begin the conversation. If no agreement is reached, visit your RA to discuss the issue(s). If no solution is found, visit your RD for information about mediation or possibly moving to a new room.

If you don’t have a roommate, or if your roommate moves out mid-semester, you have three options:

If you need to have a single: