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Campus Life

Rules, Regs & Rights

Check the 2015-2016 Student Handbook to learn the College's rules and regulations and your rights as a student.

Useful Links

Women’s Career
Advancing Woman – seeking effective means for advancing careers.
A topical directory of links to sites concerning women’s studies and issues.

Women in Athletics
Resources related to women’s participation in sports, including: scholarships and internships, training, fitness, careers, gender equity, homophobia, disability, etc.
Articles, news updates, activist alerts, women’s organizations and services, interviews, links to other women’s issues sites. Notable activist focus.

Rape and Abuse
Information on struggles against rape, domestic violence, racist sexual assault, and seeking asylum after rape.
Articles, links and resources on verbal, psychological and emotional abuse, as well as personality disorders.

Women’s Health
A site dealing with women’s health, focusing on health issues facing college-age women.
A Planned Parenthood site offering information about birth control, abortion, legislative initiatives, activist efforts involving reproductive rights, anti-choice threats to the 1973 Roe v. Wade court decision, etc.
Breast cancer advocacy.
Information about women’s health with a focus on black women.
Web site for women whose family history and genetic status put them at high risk for ovarian and/or breast cancer
Resources for women going through menopause.
Resources concerning pregnancy and childbirth.
News and information about policy research on issues such as social security, breast implants, breast cancer, poverty and welfare, violence, women’s health, children’s health, and work and family.
Information and news about reproductive rights and health issues, legislative initiatives and alerts, campus organizing, and NARAL.
Health group providing educational programs for adults and youth who are struggling with behavioral issues, chemical dependency, eating disorders, obesity, and more.
Information and news related to defective prescription medications and medical devices.

Self Esteem/ Body Image
Site about self esteem and tips to help build self–confidence.
Eating disorder referral site, information on improving body image.
Promotes positive self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach, and activism.
Defines and explains eating disorders and offers resources for dealing with them, including recommended books, organizations, treatment centers, related links, and more.
Women and men can learn about their bodies, speak out, share stories, social commentary on body issues, and redefining body perception.
Site for teens about body image, self esteem, and other topics related to body and mind.
Body image betrayal and related issues. Information about eating disorders, OCD, self-injury, rape, domestic violence, therapy, etc.
Designed to prevent body image, fitness, eating, and weight concerns before they start.
Site addressing body image, eating disorders, abuse, depression, etc.
Information about eating disorders, nutrition, menstruation, gynecological exams, endometriosis, cancer, sexuality, birth control options, STDs, smoking, breast health, body piercing, emotional health, and more, as well as a guide to lesbian health for teens.

An online guide to improving self esteem.

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Women’s Politics
Provide tools and resources students need to become involved in pro-choice activism on campus.
National Organization for Women
Search directory for women.
Women’s Issues in Congress.
The Feminist Majority Foundation On-line offers a large collection of on-line resources and information for/about women.
Resources on women’s health, history, political concerns, cartoons, listings of activist books and recommended reading, activist shopping sites, feminist quotations and definitions, etc.
Information and facts, links, on-line support groups, etc. about eating disorders.
Seeks to empower young women with the leadership skills they need to affect global progress, invest in their communities and begin their journeys as the next generation of leaders.